November and the Season of Being Thankful

The last few weeks, I’ve gone completely AWOL from the blogging life. I’ve actually spent the last few weeks struggling to keep on track with any sort of writing at all. I had a few ideas for blog posts, but I let life get in the way, and those ideas never made their way out of my head and onto the keyboard. What can I say? I’m definitely an imperfect blogger and an imperfect person. Sometimes my flaws come shining through, and keeping a project consistent is one of my big ones. A lot of it comes down to a time-management issue, and I’m going to continue to work on that. So far, it’s slow going. I believe I’ll get there, though.

Anyway, on to the reason I jumped back onto my keyboard to write. Let it be known that I’m a pinner. Yes, I have a Pinterest, and I use it maybe a little bit more than I should; however, it is an incredibly useful site, and I’ve been using it to keep myself together. If you’re one for awesome things and organization, Pinterest is for you! I promise it’s not all crafts and DIY projects. There’s more to Pinterest than you think!

Recently, I found a blog post that I immediately pinned to my board focused on helping me draw closer to God, and I’ve been waiting for November to use the pin. The post I pinned was written by Shannon Long on her blog Sweet Blessings. It is a “Thanksgiving Scripture Writing” plan, and I’ve beem excited to begin this plan because it is so simple and so easy to follow and stay on track. Plus, it’ll help me begin Bible journaling again.

I actually printed the plan and glued it into my journalThanksgiving Scripture Writing Plan + Day 1 so I will always have it at the ready whenever I sit down to read that day’s scriptures. That way I won’t have to depend on my phone or my computer where I can easily get distracted from what I really want to be doing. Now, the most electronic media I may have is a quiet, worshipful music playlist, either through Pandora or my music library. Today, I chose my “Who But You (Abraham & Sarah)” station on Pandora.

As I take part in this Thanksgiving Scripture Writing Plan, I invite you to do the same. Let’s delve deeper into God and rediscover every reason we have to be thankful for the love and blessings He has showered upon each of us.

(As noted in the images, the Thanksgiving Scripture Writing Plan is from Sweet Blessings.)

God bless!